OONI Measurements API

This is the documentation for version 1 of the OONI measurements API.

All the API endpoints start with the URL /api/v1/.


Some API endpoints support pagination. In these cases the response will have the following structure:

    "metadata": {
        "offset": "an integer specifying the current offset into the data",
        "limit": "an integer specifying how many results should be presented",
        "count": "an integer expressing the total number of items",
        "pages": "the number of pages, or the number of requests you will"
                 "have to do with the current value of limit to obtain the"
                 "full set of records",
        "next_url": "the url to be used to fetch the next set of items"
    "results": [
        "a list containing generally dictionaries of the result in question"

Search files

Returns a listing of the files matching the given search criteria.

This API endpoints supports pagination and will by default return 100 results per response.






URL Params

probe_cc=[string] - the two letter country code.

probe_asn=[string] - the Autonomous system number in the format "ASXXX"

test_name=[string] - the name of the test

since=[string] - the start date of when measurements were run (ex. "2016-10-20T10:30:00")

until=[string] - the end date of when measurement were run (ex. "2016-10-20T10:30:00")

since_index=[integer] - return results only strictly greater than the provided index.

order_by=[string] - by which key the results should be ordered by (default: teststarttime)

order=[string] ("desc", "asc") - if the order should be ascending or descending.

offset=[integer] - offset into the result set (default: 0)

limit=[integer] - number of records to return (default: 100)

Data Params




Code: 200

  "metadata": {
    "count": "[integer] total number of rows",
    "limit": "[integer] current limit to returned results",
    "next_url": "[string] URL pointing to next page of results or none if no more pages are available",
    "offset": "[integer] the current offset into the result set",
    "pages": "[integer] total number of pages"
    "current_page": "[integer] current page"
  "results": [
      "probe_asn": "[string] the Autonomous system number of the result",
      "probe_cc": "[string] the country code of the result",
      "index": "[integer] the index of this result (useful when using since_index)",
      "test_start_time": "[string] start time for the measurement is ISO 8601 format",
      "download_url": "[string] url to the download"



    "error_code": 400,
    "error_message": "Some error message"